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Campaigns are Won or Lost in the Last 72 Hours

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The Closing Argument is a unique feature of the campaign-trusted platform. Serve micro-targeted digital ads within 300ft of any location...including polling locations and voting precincts!

Flood the Zone

Make sure your message is the last one voters see before they vote. With no restrictions on political digital ads at polling locations, voters can see your ad while they wait in line or scroll on their phones. The Closing Argument’s winning technology makes sure that your ad is prioritized on mobile devices within your selected location.

Easy to Use created The Closing Argument with industry experts to ensure this leading digital advertising technology is easy for anyone to use. Create and schedule your custom targeted campaign in less than 10 minutes. No advertising experience necessary! 

Flexible Pricing

From when the polls open, till they close, nonstop digital advertising at YOUR designated location.

Only $250 per address.*

Guaranteed 6am to 9pm coverage.

*Pricing may vary based on multiple day and/or multiple location campaigns.

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